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Best Folding Electric Bike | DYU D3F Electric Bike Review

by Jesse J. 29 May 2022

Welcome to my DYU D3F Electric Bike Review. I have had a ton of fun with this bike and am looking forward to taking it to the beach with me this year and exploring around the city in the summer. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below and thanks for watching!

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So here's the deal my work is one and a half miles away from my house which is about a three-minute drive with rising gas prices and the fact that I'm so close i thought this was a great opportunity to look for an electric bike to get me to and from work quite literally as I was searching around dyu reached out and asked if they could send me their d3f foldable e-bike i was like whoa yes, of course, please so this is my highly uneducated average consumer electric bike in expert review and opinions of the dyu d3f.

So let's get this out of the way right at the beginning this bike is 469 big ones but in the world of e-bikes this is a relatively inexpensive second thing it's goofy I mean really goofy especially for a six-foot-one guy like me I chose to split this video into pros and cons so let's get into the bad stuff the cons of the dyu d3f so the grips are a little too small and my knuckles rub the power and cruise control buttons the seat isn't all that comfortable but most bike seats aren't even though the bike is built solid because of its size it doesn't feel that solid when you're riding it there's no suspension at all except for the springs under the seat.

It's heavier than I thought it would be and when you fold the bike down I'm concerned about the wires that go through the handlebars i'll be honest i was hoping for a little more power and this thing seems to have a ton of trouble on hills as mentioned before it looks really goofy, especially for a six foot one person like myself the brakes, work great but they kind of vibrate a little especially in the handlebars and i'm not sure if that's just a disc brake thing on all bikes or not the chain is pretty crunchy at times and I don't know if that's a normal thing or if it needs more grease or what I just something i noticed the tail light is actually battery powered it doesn't come as part of the bike and it's kind of a hassle to put on the bike the range isn't that great the pedals are actually plastic but they're pretty sturdy as far as i can tell the top speed is pretty set, you can't actually pedal faster than the motor can take you unless you're going downhill and the last thing is the battery meter is only four little dots and i noticed while riding it'll jump back and forth between two of them and i would hate to get down to one dot left and then get stranded somewhere just because i'm not sure how much battery is actually left in the bike so that's it for cons most of these things are pretty passable, especially if you're not expecting this bike to be the mercedes-benz of e-bikes which you shouldn't be and if you don't live in a super hilly area like i do i think this thing could be pretty great i'm thinking coastal towns where everything's flat seems great and by the way i will be taking this to the beach with me this year.

So here are the pros of the dyu d3f the big one it's foldable it fits in the back of my car very easily for reference. i have a 2021 hyundai elantra so the bike is lighter than most other e-bikes and it is, easy to maneuver because of the smaller wheels and the smaller wheelbase there's actually cruise control on this bike which is activated by setting the throttle to where you want it and then just tapping the right cruise control button another thing the motor and the bike itself

Pretty quiet now as i mentioned before the bike seems very sturdy and it seems to be built really well there is an integrated headlight but the headlight
is attached to the body and not the handlebars so as you turn it doesn't sort of show you where you're going which i guess is more of a con but it's a pro that it has a headlight i think the color scheme is great the black the red there's some lighter elements there as well it uh it looks nice a weird thing i noticed was this bike looks way cooler when the handlebars are down which doesn't really help anything but it looks cool the position while riding is really comfortable and like i said before it works great on flat ground.

I think the choice to go with disc brakes is great i think it's a nice feature that they didn't have to do but they did super easy to turn on and it has pretty quick, charging as far as i can tell of the few times that i've had to charge it the kickstand is solid and works great i love the kickstand it feels nice and above all it's just kind of fun the fact that it's small you can scoot around on it i think it'd be really fun to ride this with a friend like if you had a friend who had one as well just cruise around go to the local shop stores whatever it might be make a beer run it's just a fun little bike to ride around on so the big question should you buy it my answer is yes if you don't have very far to go you don't have many hills and you don't mind looking goofy while riding it if you don't have a ton of cash to spend on an electric bike which again i know is relative if you need something that fits in smaller places and can fold up and definitely if you're on the shorter side. i think someone in the 5 foot to 5 11 range would probably work best especially if you're a kid i can see this thing being super fun if you're a kid so my sort of final thoughts about the e-bike is that overall it's a super solid build and it gets the job done, especially for that lower price point dyu also doesn't like over-promise what the bike can do all of their stats and details about the bike are listed on the website and you get honestly more than you pay for in my opinion.

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