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DYU D3F CHEAP Mini City eBike Review

by Jesse J. 27 May 2022

All right so in this video we're checking out the dyu d3f this is a mini folding city electric bike has 14-inch wheels. it does have a fold on the handle i'll show you that a little bit later the seat does go down and the pedals do fold down, so it does make the size a bit more compact than it is when you're riding it, um you know it doesn't fold in the middle, the battery is actually in the middle it's a 36 volt system at uh the battery is a 10 amp hour battery, so in the front here we've got a 160 millimeter disc brake and also the same in the back uh they're both mechanical disc brakes got a small kickstand here in the back.

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A small light here in the front you have this uh rear attachment for a light that has a little button i can turn that on and this is actually not connected to the bike battery has a little small battery that powers that this seat is adjustable here you have to make sure that this thumb screw is tightened down pretty good uh for this little holder so that it doesn't slip because it isn't really tight out of the box, so taking a look at the handlebar you have just some basic grips here. uh power button to turn the bike on and off just press button here a little bell you have a latch here to adjust the angle of the handlebar we have the battery meter here four bars here and then this button here if you press and hold it, it will turn the front headlight

So on what it looks like when it's on and alternatively if you just press the button while you have the throttle on it will go into cruise control and maintain your speed uh it's a full twist throttle so the whole thing will twist and that's for throttle mode only it does have pedal assist mode because it does have obviously pedals here it's a single gear system basically it's useful for going slower speeds and uh if you go faster than about 10 miles an hour it doesn't really do much you should probably just use electric mode only so the rated range on this is about 30 to 50 miles on pedal assist and about 20 to 30 miles if you're just using throttle only of course that does depend on the terrain if you're on more hilly terrain it's going to reduce your range uh if you wait if you're a heavier rider it's probably going to reduce your range a little bit more it's probably for like a 160 to 180 pound rider, it is ready to climb up to 15 degree incline so it should be okay for most hills and it can carry riders up to 265 pounds.

So the max speed on here is limited to 15 and a half miles per hour and that speed is driven by a 240 watt uh rear hub motor and overall the bike weighs about 38 pounds so uh it's you know fairly easy to get you know if you want to carry it on a train or a bus something like that, just fold up a little bit and you can kind of carry it in there without taking up too much space, so overall the bike did come very well packaged, it was very easy to put together, mostly assembled out of the box so, pretty much not a whole lot to do to, have to install the rear fender and pedals of course it took about 15 or 20 minutes to actually assemble the whole bike so if you're looking for something that's pretty easy to put together out of the box it's going to be one of those.

All right so we'll do a pedal assist, uh speed test here and see how long it takes to go from zero from standing still to about the maximum speed you can get just from pedaling so let's go ahead and get started here start pedaling the motor kicks in like kind of gradually it doesn't it's not abrupt at all so you're not going to be like bounced off the bike at all and it picks up more as you pedal and now i'm at the maximum speed right now and when i made my max speed like i feel like i'm hamster wheeling or i'm out of pedal basically. uh i'm pedaling there's no resistance in the pedal they just uh it's basically all motor there's a little bit of surging, it uh you can kind of feel the motor kicking on and off kind of pushes you a little bit and then it comes off it's not bad it's actually hardly noticeable at all, okay do the same test now but from the same spot this time i'm not going to pedal i'm just going to use the throttle only and see how long it takes to get to maximum speed it's gonna be a little bit faster and let's go so again the gradual power and it starts picking up, so not quite at full speed yet.

All right so now we're about about full speed right here this is about the max speed i'm on a level surface right now. all right so now we're going to go up a little bit of an incline here on just throttle only. so no problems. still going up it's probably about a 10 degree incline i'm not really losing any speed at all just a little bit of speed still plenty fast and now we're back on level ground. and let's do a little breaking test from full speed, so a little bit of surging in the brakes but uh probably now 10 15 feet and stopping so i didn't feel like i was gonna get thrown off the bike either so brakes work pretty well

Okay so i'm gonna do a quick uh parking garage incline test uh this is roughly 15 degrees might be a little bit more let's see so uh throttle only from a standstill. so i'm about 200 pounds six feet tall and it is not going fast but it is going up and i'm not pedaling at all it's just going up on throttle only so if you're worried about inclines it can go up it just goes up kind of slow so we're going up here towards the top and going pretty slow. but i made it up no problem

All right let's try that again with uh just pedaling let's see if my speed's any different so the way the mo the pedal assist works it actually provides more power the more you pedal. so i'm just going to provide a little bit of pedaling power here, not exerting myself too much and actually i'm going up actually probably yeah faster if i'm pedaling and i'm not really pushing the pedals too hard considering it's a single speed but yeah it goes up faster if you pedal you know if you're wondering if it's better to go up hills pedaling or throttle only you'll go up faster if you're actually pedaling.

Okay so just a little bit more background information on the riding characteristics of this bike so overall admittedly i feel like i'm kind of a giant on this small bike with these 14 inch wheels but when you're actually riding the bike it. doesn't really feel like it's that small thing with a the seat height being adjustable i do feel like, uh it is high enough for me at least i think that though because it's single speed and if you are going to be pedaling it you might want to raise it a little bit higher but it does limit your speed to i think about on level services around 10 11 miles an hour and even if you push it harder, it doesn't go much faster so if you want to go faster up to the maximum speed of the bike it's 15 and a half miles per hour you are going to have to be using the throttle mode and uh just using the throttle and if you're doing that and going faster then i feel like the seat height being a little bit lower is probably going to feel a little bit more stable and just because the bike is got some small wheels and if you're a heavier writer like me the seat being higher up it does feel a little bit like

You're a little bit unbalanced that's a like you're kind of top heavy it doesn't feel unsafe or anything like that it's just that's something i noticed that especially if you're going at the top speed with the seat higher it does feel a little bit unstable but when you when you're lower the seat a little bit and you're just using the throttle at at full speed it feels fine i just think that you have to probably find the seat height that's good for you now the handlebar height was not adjustable but it did feel okay to me like i didn't feel like it was too low although i think i would have appreciated if it was adjustable a little bit higher but overall it didn't seem like it was terrible if you're wondering about uh the handlebar height being a little bit too low about six feet tall and it felt okay for me so obviously this bike is going to be i think mainly suited for paved surfaces like sidewalks and some side streets maybe some paved pathways.

Uh i did ride this on some you know like uh graded gravel surfaces here you can see at this park there's some non-paved surfaces but you know it's mainly a little bit of dirt and gravel um has no problem going over that kind of surface but if it's like off-roading rock big big rocks that kind of thing grass the spike is not the best for that it doesn't have a lot of power for that kind of stuff this is not really a mountain bike, i think this is going to be best suited for in situations where, maybe you're commuting and you're going to be taking you know taking the riding the bike to like a bus stop or something like that, taking their bike on the bus or train and then when you get off to your stop and to get to that last you know basically the last mile to your office or whatever your destination is this bike is going to be fine for that, for those sort of shorter trips but beyond that if you're looking for you know something um you know especially long continuous riding that's probably not the best bike for that even though it does have pretty good range, the seat you know is pretty comfortable considering how small it is uh had good padding has some springs underneath there's no suspension on this bike at all there's no front or rear suspension so basically um you know if you're on a really rough road you will eventually feel the you know the the bumps and stuff on the seat and i would say for longer rides on that kind of surface is probably not a good bike for that but if it's paved and smooth it should be totally fine i would say you know.

Several miles at least if you want to go in uh you know five or six mile stretches no problem again you know um it really depends on how heavy you are and the terrain how hilly it is you know for your overall range for the battery. it's a pretty big battery at 10 amp hours this bike is based on well i think there's a lot of like similar bikes that use this sort of frame and style but it comes with they come with smaller batteries of course they are a little bit cheaper but of course you have much less range with the smaller batteries i think some of them some of the other models come with 3 amp hour batteries or 6 amp hour batteries and those are usually have less than 10 miles of range on a full charge well this one will have you know have much more it really depends again on your on your terrain but you know it could be 15 20 30 miles depending on whether you're just using throttle or pedaling.

So if you're looking for a budget e-bike, you know this is around a 500 price point, pretty good compared to a lot of other e-bikes out there and you're not looking for, super long range or long trips you know, source or shorter commutes this bike's going to be really good for that it sort of fits that you know it's a good enough bike it's not a super awesome bike but it will get the job done and if you're on a tight budget this is a bike that will probably definitely be in your price range.

Learn more about DYU D3F 14 Inch Electric Mini Bike Folding Ebike

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