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DYU Monthly Photo Challenge: #DYUCycleSelfie Contest

by Tina Chan 30 Jun 2022

The theme of photo challenge is DYU Cycle Selfie. The regular monthly contest is just around the corner! The May Giveaway rounded off with being up to almost 2000 entries before two weeks. Really happy that so many users participated in it and did the job on following DYU official social media and share it to your page.  

At this time, we announce the 2rd Photo Challenge Contest for July&August 2022. Post your DYU-related themed photos on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Youtube with the challenge tag #DYUCycleSelfie, and send the original photos or videos to us to authorize DYU to use them DYU official website or social media.

We will randomly choose 6 winners for this challenge. 1st prize (1 person) will receive DYU R1 ebike worth $899, 2nd prize (1 person) will receive DYU D3F ebike worth $509, and 3rd prize (4 persons) will get 50% OFF code on DYU site-wide items.

Shutterbugs from US and Europe are encouraged to submit the best works related to DYUCycleSelfie theme. A DYUCycleSelfie may feature the category below:

  • One DYU ebike photo only
  • DYU bike with your/child’s/friend’s portrait, or with an animal
  • A comment left for a certain product on our official website
  • A drawing about DYU ebike or logo, or anythings about DYU
  • A 15-30s short-video about DYU ebike or any content about DYU

So, all forms of DYU ebike are acceptable (painting, photo, drawing, logo, clay figurine, comment, diy art, video and so on ).

The winners will be randomly chosen based on who’s post we collect and announced on August 3rd. All winners will received the an email to claim the prize separately within 3 days after the contest.

This contest date is July 1st - July 30th, 2022 at 11: 59PM GMT+8.

Contest Prize & Terms

Prize Details:

1rd prize: 1x DYU R1 ebike (1 person)

2rd prize: 1x DYU D3F ebike (2 persons)

3rd prize: 4x 50% OFF coupon (4 persons)

How to join?

  1. Follow @DYUCYClE on our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Youtube.
  2. SNAP a photo or Shoot a short-video about DYU ebike or any content about DYU.
  3. POST your DYU-related themed photos on any social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Youtube with the challenge tag #DYUCycleSelfie
  4. SEND the photos or videos to

*No physical DYU Ebike picture required.

1. You are the exclusive copyfight holder and creator of the photo or videos. You can’t upload other’s works.

2. The video length has to be within 15-30s.

3. No limit on gadgets, you can upload mobile/camera photos or videos as well.

Copyright: Copyright of all entries and winners’ photos stay with the contributors.

Usage right: Photos shared on the entries and winners’ social media or sent to our email box can be downloaded and used free by DYU official.

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