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Is it worth getting an electric bike for daily life?

by Jesse J. 29 Oct 2022

Electric bikes are all the rage these days and for good reason. They are growing in popularity and offer multiple benefits over the traditional road bike.

However, like anything new, there can be a lot of misconceptions about these battery-powered bicycles.

Firstly, it’s pretty easy to see why this industry is booming. According to the news, there are over 21 million bike trips in the US every day.

Studies now show e-bikes are ahead of e-cars as the most popular electric transportation.

While electric-assisted bikes were designed with the 35 and over crowd in mind, they are now just as popular with a younger generation of riders who are embracing the technology.

dyu bike

For decades, bicycles have been seen as a necessity, not a luxury.

Now, this is changing.

E-bikes are currently the most popular bikes on the market and their popularity is constantly on the rise. Ebike prices are going under $1000 now. They are reliable, easy to ride, affordable, and are helping people live and travel a little greener. So, what’s not to like!

The electric bike has undergone a revolution and is set to change how we travel. Technology has improved, and laws have been passed that make them legal to operate on roads.

With the E-bike is fast becoming the future of transportation, how do you know if they are right for you?


Why The Sudden Popularity With Electric Bicycles?

Their appeal lies in the ability to level the playing field for cyclists of all experiences. They allow couples, groups, and families with different fitness and experience levels to travel together and make cycling accessible across difficult routes and long distances.

Cycling has always been a healthy way to keep fit, save money on transportation costs and enjoy the fresh air with the freedom to explore on your travels. But once you cross the 20-30 mile mark, for many riders, cycling becomes quite tiring.

dyu bike

Electric bicycles solve this problem by giving you a little push when you need it.

The pedal assist can give riders just enough boost to try routes that would otherwise be outside their comfort zones. And because riders don’t tire as quick, you can bike for longer, which can open up opportunities for trips some people might not even consider.

Just like with other electric vehicles, electric bikes don’t make much noise and don’t pollute the environment.

With an e-bike, you will be able to cover a lot of distance, and have a great time doing so!


How E-Bikes are Changing the Active Travel Business

A small boost can lead to incredible possibilities.

Riders can now go faster, and farther, and have more fun than ever.

The world of active travel is changing fast, and a lot of that has to do with the electric bicycle revolution.

Initially, electric bikes were largely used for commuting around busy cities to avoid traffic, now it is an increasingly popular way of travel for tourists, particularly for destinations that are difficult to reach or navigate by car.

And there are few better ways to explore a new destination than by bicycle.

You can choose your own pace with your own freedom, avoid traffic, and weave through parks and scenic trails.

And, of course, riders can travel further with less exertion. Opening endless possibilities on long-distance tours, rough terrains, or steep inclines that would otherwise be quite off-putting to many travelers.

They are fast, fun and very efficient.

Cyclists who have had to stop biking long-distance or rough terrain for any reason have found a renewed opportunity by jumping on an electric bike.

dyu bike
Torque sensor auto boosting ebike

But these bikes aren’t just useful for travellers who looking to put in the miles on rolling landscapes and week-long trips.

They’re an increasingly popular option for day trips, simply because you get the same hands-on experience but can pack more into your trip.

E-bikes can help breathe new life into cycling as they are taking the fear out of long-distance travel and making those daunting hills and roads a piece of cake for cyclists of all experiences.



The allure of mountain and off-road biking is the thrill of exploring rugged terrain that is usually unreachable by car.

The chasms, cliffs, and steep hills can be a challenge for any cyclist, but e-bikes provide an easy way to conquer steep elevations.

For cyclists looking to enjoy spectacular views, regular mountain bikes are often simply unusable because they do not manage steep inclines well at all.

And, for those who aren’t confident in their ability to ride up more extreme hills that regular mountain bikes won’t be able to handle, the e-bike can make these inclines much more manageable.

This allows travelers or all fitness & experience to take in the action of cycling and add the fun and mental boost of exercising at the same time, all while enjoying the beautiful surrounding scenery.



If you’ve ever tried to cycle in an urban landscape, then you know that it is challenging.

There are a number of obstacles to take into consideration, like cars which often end up being parked on the street, pedestrians doing what pedestrians do, and bicycle lanes that just don’t seem to make sense!

Way too often, cyclists are forced to merge back onto the sidewalk because they’ve run out of viable space or can’t cycle at all as a result of there being so many people walking around.

Electric Bicycles allow cyclists to get around popular destinations much faster and with far morse ease.



Anyone can ride at their own pace and take on all challenges while at the end of the day, still having the energy to enjoy the destination you worked so hard to get to.

Most travellers have their first encounter with electric bikes on a long-distance tour.

The vast majority who opt for an e-bike are new to biking tours, often coming on the trip with a more experienced friend or group.

Electric bicycles are slowly changing people’s approach to active travel, and will soon be a viable choice for a lot more people.

However, many people don’t know, that just like cars and motorcycles, there are a lot of different types and choices of e-bikes.


What To Look For In An E-bike

For travellers, the distance that an electric bike can travel is a critical consideration when deciding which bike to use on a trip.

There are two key factors that determine how far an e-bike will be able to travel. One is the capacity of the battery. The other is the efficiency of the bike.

It charges just like a mobile phone, by connecting the battery pack to an electrical outlet, and generally gets a full charge in around 3 hours.

Get the full guide on how to charge and how different types of batteries work for each bike.

dyu r1

So, how far can you go without recharging?

Typically a battery will last for anywhere between 30 – 70 miles on a full charge, but if you are managing your power well enough, it can last for longer.

The type of terrain and power needed will have an effect on your battery life so it can be important to plan ahead when tackling large hills and rough roads where you need a lot of assists.

Some bikes allow you to choose different levels of assist to prioritise speed or battery life, which can help you manage battery life on a longer trip.



As the weather warms ups and cycling season gains momentum, the warm temperatures can zap your energy on a long trip.

And if you’re an avid cyclist, you know that the extra effort of pedalling across certain terrains and hills can be pretty frustrating, but that is all changing now that e-bikes have been designed to make pedalling easier.

Most E-bikes are fitted with a power switch where you can change the settings from “Pedalling” to “Turbo mode” for when you need a little more assist or just to catch a breather when taking on steep inclines.

DYU D3F ebike
DYU D3F ebike


Most electric-powered bicycles typically use a combination of different methods to power them.

They are usually either pedal-assist, or they use a throttle (where a motor kicks in to help you go faster)

When looking for an e-bike, pick the right one that works for you.

If you suffer from knee or foot issues and don’t want to focus on pedalling, you can use a throttle only bike.

But for those who worry about getting too much assistance from the bike and not being active, you can still pedal just like a normal bike and keep the assists for the tough terrains where it is needed.


Are Electric Bikes Faster Than Your Regular Bicycle?

Electric bicycles are always seeing advancements in technology, particularly with how the hidden motor inside of them makes the entire bike run.

But does that mean that they are faster than your normal bicycle?

Not necessarily, as e-bikes are usually restricted with the top speed they can assist you with.

Currently, the assists will help you up to 32 km/h in the US and 25 km/h in most of Europe.

But this varies on the laws within the country you are in as well as the class of model you are using.


How Heavy Are E-bikes?

Many people have the misconception that they are heavy.

This is not the case. In fact, the average weight of an electric bicycle is 20 kg. The motor, battery, and frame material being the heaviest components.

They are quite popular with travellers on long trips looking to carry heavier loads typically for camping or when travelling with a family and need that extra gear. Depending on what you are packing can depend on the type of bicycle you need.

But when travelling with us at BikeHike we always have a support vehicle on hand to take your excess luggage and anything you don’t need on your bike journey so you never have to worry about packing too much.


How Long Do E-bikes Last?

One of the best features is that they remain useful for a long time. They are very durable, and they are built to be safe. If they are maintained well, they can last for many years.

No matter how expensive and high-tech electric bikes are, they still rely on the main power source – a battery. The only way to ensure the battery will make it through long journeys is to have a trusty charger to help out.

Another question many people ask is “Can you still cycle without the battery”?

And yes, it is possible to ride without the battery when it has lost its charge without causing any damage to the motor. The battery is only there to help riders with the pedal assists or in other cases the throttle when it is needed.


Are E-bikes Safe?

The short answer is yes, they are safer than regular bicycles due to how they are designed.

They utilize an in-line electric motor powered by a battery, which takes the place of the traditional pedalling, and this makes them very safe to ride on the road, and ultimately gives you even more control.

A study from Portland University found that 60% of owners felt safer riding an electric bike and 42% of riders felt they had helped them avoid accidents.

dyu d3f electric bike

Health Benefits Of E-bikes

They are great for exercise, as they will improve your leg muscles and your cardiovascular system. Even better, they are more environmentally friendly, too, as they emit less CO2 than cars, and don’t require the maintenance that cars require.

They are even easier to maintain than your regular bicycle while travelling since they have fewer moving parts.

The benefits are many, including the reduced pollution of fossil fuels, the resulting reduced carbon footprint, and the ability to enjoy travelling with less effort.


Travel With Us

Get hands-on with the advantages of an E-bike with our DYU electric bikes.

Experience the ride of a lifetime through cities and beaches where you will use your electric pedal assists to their full potential to tackle these various terrains, all while soaking in the magnificent views and rich scenery of each destination.

Is it worth getting an electric bike for daily life?

Whether you make the change because of environmental concerns or health reasons, you can almost always expect to get the same amount of enjoyment as your traditional bicycle.

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