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Small Electric Smart Bike for a Fun-Filled Ride

by LinLeen 23 Mar 2022

Cycling is a healthy and fun activity. Electric bikes have recently entered the cycling industry and have made them easy and accessible. Whether you want to travel the distance, glide your way through town, or technical terrain, electric biking is the way to go. The e-bikes have a lot of benefits, but most people are always looking for tips to find and buy the right e-bike model.

 This article shares the differences between the different models, how they affect the user experience, and tips on getting the right one for your ride. There is also a bike review shared at the end of the article.

How to Buy an Electric Bike: The Technicalities you must Know

 E-bikes have their jargon. You need to understand it to have the best riding experience.

 As a beginner, you must know that electric bikes come equipped with a motor and battery. The motor is responsible for offering power. However, the maximum speed is limited to 250w. However, the motor can enhance the speed for short bursts. You can ride it at 25km/h in Europe. It comes with pedal assistance and makes pedaling easier. Most brands share pedal assistance as a percentage, while others as a wattage.

 Motor systems come in three different modes of support. The more support you get from a bike, the less support from the battery.


Torque is another term frequently referred to in the biking industry. Although, it is a rotational force around an axis. In the case of an e-bike, it is the rotational power of a motor used for assisting the cyclist at the rear wheel. It is a critical aspect of an e-bike. Even though it is responsible for much more, it generates acceleration when you pedal the bike.

 For example, a bike with a 250Wh battery will run for an hour if the motor continuously kicks out at 250W. 

 How to Buy an Electric Bike: The Different Types

 There are many different electric bikes, such as e-road bikes, e-mountain bikes, and e-hybrid bikes. Every bike uses the same principles but in a different way.

 For instance, e-mtbs use systems with a higher torque rating, which is important for riding off-road, particularly steep and technical road climbs.

 With a motor and battery, e-mtb operates effectively, allowing you to feel fresh when riding.

 Electric hybrid bikes allow you to commute without much effort and break your sweat more than a normal bike. You also get e-folding bikes, offering portability. It also comes with an increased motor and battery.

 Acceleration and torque are less important than an electric bike's weight and power range. This is especially true when you don't want to ride a bike on hills. Most e-road bikes come equipped with a replicated ride feel to take as far as the rider can.

 Different brands have different specifications when it comes to e-bikes and their features. Knowing which feature would make the buying process easy for the riders.

What to Look Out for When Buying an Electric Bike?

 Motor: There are two different motors used in electric bikes, such as mid-drive and hub drove.

 The motor sits in the rear hub in the hub driven, whereas the battery is located in the down tube. Many popular brands are using this motor type to a great effect. They also give less weight. Last but not the least, cheap city e-bikes also use hub drive motors.

 On the other hand, mid-drive motors are bulky but have the advantage of putting the unit weight around the bottom bracket. Shimano, Bosch, and others commonly use this system. This improves bike performance; positioning the battery and motor amp improves the bike's handling and stability. Another advantage is that the motors work in "synergy" with gears, increasing efficiency.

 The torque number of the system is also important. It has a dramatic effect on the feel of electric bikes. Some brands have a low torque for prioritizing a normal ride feeling. This means that you would get a powerful acceleration when pedaling.

 Low torque model examples include eBikemotion's X35 system. However, you would need to put more power to ride the bike with lower torque.

 Battery Capacity

 Battery capacity is critical to e-bikes. That's because some brands have large capacity batteries because of weight. These brands rely on the battery to run steep on technical terrain. It assists the electric bike when you take it above 25km/h when riding.

 However t, the large battery capacity also means more bike weight.


 You should also consider the storage and bike charging ability. Most batteries are removable and can be charged separately to the bike. This takes up less room if you want to charge inside the bike. You can also get additional battery packs for boosting your range.

 Check the Area Laws

 Besides electric bike accessories, you should also look out for your local area laws. That's because some areas don't allow kids to bike at a speed of re than 28 mph.

 Bike & Torque Sensor

 Look for a bike that's torque. This helps the rider to adjust the bike speed. You won't control or lower the speed without the torque. This may become dangerous for the children.

 E-Bike with or without a Throttle

 Throttle adds to the bike speed. Buy the one with throttle if you are looking for a high speed. However, if you choose it for a child, then look for the one without a throttle. You can always remove or turn off the throttles after buying the electric bike.

 Check Weight

 Weight is also quite important for purchasing an electric bike. Some e-bikes weigh around 60 lbs which are quite heavy and suitable only for adults.

 E-bikes & Electric Balance Bikes

 According to bike laws, electric balance bikes without pedals don't come with coverage. Choose them only if you are more cautious than an adventurous rider.

 If you are looking for a safe, small and smart electric bike, then we have reviewed the best electric bike below:

 DYU D3 Plus Smart E-Bike - Reviewed

 Foldable & Portable

 This bike is yet another amazing bicycle by DYU. It is an easy-to-store electric cycle and is suitable for day-to-day commuting. You can ride it to your favorite areas in the city or suburbs in your free time, particularly at the weekends. Its lightweight aluminum alloy frame, folding design, and mini size make it a top bike to take to the bus, underground, or to a hiking destination in the car's boot.

 Pre-assembled & Working Modes

 It is a 90% pre-assembled electric bike. It is very easy to assemble and has an enjoyable ride. The foldable design makes it easy to store and carry. The three supported riding modes include pure electric, normal bike, and electric-assisted modes.

 Strong Motor & Durable Battery 

 It has a strong motor having a range of 250W to offer an extremely speedy driving experience. The battery's limit is 36V 10Ah which offers a prolonged travel experience. It only requires a 4-6 hour charging time. It only weighs 18 kg which makes it about 39.6 lbs. The small electric bike's body bursts with a lot of energy with a maximum speed of 15.5 mph.

 Distance Per Charge

 It can cover 40-45 miles in a single charge on flat roads with full power.

 Tire & Brake Specifications: Tire size is 14 × 3.0". They are anti-skiddable, adapted to any area they are used in. The inner tube is 14×3.0/3.9".

 Front and Rear Disc Brakes

 It also includes brakes on the front and rare sides with lights for an improved yet safe driving experience. It is further equipped with pedal assistance and a walking assistance model.

 The frame is made of high-carbon steel. It also comes with fixed-speed cruise control that lets you maintain the speed for 8 secs. D3+ electric bike automatically kicks off to cruise without the throttle.

 Smart E-Bike with APPS 

 It also has smart features to access through an app. You can download the app from the app store. The app can also be downloaded from a QR code available in the manual. This app will tell you all about the bike's condition and information. Just connect it with Bluetooth and enter the password to connect with the app.

 Please Note: The only downside is that this electric bike is not suited to areas with high temperatures. That's because the tires can blow out.

 Fast Shipping & Considerable Services: 

 Once you order this electric bike, it will only take 3-7 business days to receive it after the tracking ID is received. The company ensures 100% satisfaction with this model.


 Electric biking is adventurous and fulfilling. To ensure safety and fun simultaneously, it's recommended you choose the right electric bike model from the right brand. DYU D3 Small Smart Electric bike is just the model you should look out for if you want to buy one for yourself. It has all the cool features that a rider wants in an electric bike. The price is justified, and the company guarantees 100% satisfaction.

 What else would you want? Select and order it today and start riding. Have fun!

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