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DYU R1 Electric Bike

by DYU cycle 30 Dec 2021

DYU R1 Electric Bike

The world's acceptance of e-bikes as a viable and popular mode of transportation frequently began with the goal of powering traditional bicycles. DYU's engineering philosophy is the penchant for creating a maximum function with minimal form. To remove any cosmetic until all that remains is beauty and ability.


The DYU R1 20 Inch Electric City Bike is not a byproduct of mass production. Instead, it's machined, finished, and assembled by patient and skilled journeymen focused first and foremost on quality.

DYU cycle offers powerful electrical bikes, featuring a 36 V, 5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery which generates up to 24Nm of torque and can guarantee a comfortable journey of up to 15.5 Mph.

No one said that being environmentally conscious needs to be boring. Far from it, our latest DYU R1 City electric bike raises the bar on e-mobility style, sustainability, and just plain fun. Whether commuting across town or touring the winding road less traveled, you're assured a comfortable, soundless journey of superior range.

DYU cycle lightweight characteristics are inherent in the premium grade alloy frame, which machined to close tolerances for both strength and beauty. DYU cycle frames are exceptionally durable despite their lightweight. It is also painted with a premium resistant painting which guarantees long-term durability.

DYU R1 is a stylish, minimalistic e-bike designed by DYU for modern-day urban mobility. DYU family e-bikes are designed, engineered, and assembled in China.

One ride will tell the story: you'll feel the connection to the road. . . and your soul. Electrical power aside, DYU R1 is exceptional on the merits of a road bike alone. Light, agile, well-balanced, featuring the finest materials and components, DYU R1 glides along the pavement with ease and little effort. Simply said: it's a great bike.

Whether you are an avid cyclist looking to complement your stable or simply wanting to reduce your carbon footprint, you will admit, biking heralds back to the feeling of freedom we all felt when the training wheels came off. A connection to your surroundings, be they nature or cityscape; the ability to wander or go anywhere; the enhanced sense of ethereal well-being. Capture that and blend it with the inherent qualities of DYU R1, and you have the formula for the ultimate ebike experience.

The Definitive List of the Best E-Bikes Under $1000 in 2022

DYU constructs the world's most noteworthy e-Bicycles with the business' generally incredible and proficient quality drive framework. Electronic bicycle frameworks keep on altering the cycling world. Our archetype drive units were commended by riders across the globe, impelling the e-bike upheaval forward to unequaled new levels. We've based on this experience, refined our plan theory, and raised the benchmark higher with Bunches OF Force!

Utilize our custom configurator to plan your fantasy e-Bicycle today!

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DYU R1 20 Inch Electric City Bike Folding Electric Bike. The all-new DYU features a lightweight, classic, eco-friendly, and more comfortable e-bike, thus taking urban cycling to a whole new level. It is an excellent first choice for a cycling enthusiast looking to have fun around the metropolis on a relaxed city electric bike. The body of the bike is made of an Aluminum alloy frame, which is light in weight and strong in stability.

 2、Best Endurance E-bike under $1000

DYU D3+ Electric Mini Bike. One-step folding, portable, easy to put in the trunk.

Everyone is trying to build a security-electric bike. The key to success is to do everything possible. The drive makes the brake more sensitive, the dual-disc brakes fully improve the braking performance, making the braking distance shorter and driving safer.

The driving condition is clear at a glance on the ultra-clearing and re-displaying LCD. As a bike information center, the DYU D3+ LCD-digital dashboard clearly shows the driving condition of the bike. The power intervention is smooth and natural, making you enjoy the comfort of technology every moment of your ride.


The best benefit is reduced stress. MV Agusta provides riders with incredibly fine-crafted e-bikes in the Chinese tradition that quickly get you from point A to B without all the added stress of being tightly packed together on buses, subways, or sidewalks. Enjoy the freedom of the open road that helps place your mind in a calmer and more prepared place.

DYU cycle is an evolving ebike company making a big market in China. They have a great passion for what they do. Anyone looking for something fresh and different, DYU is a stronger contender. The overall impression of DYU e-bikes is that they are a blast to ride. Light and agility are great attributes, whether for inner-city commuting or blasting down the back roads. The engine is up to the challenge.


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