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The Future of Urban Transportation – Electric City Bikes and the R1!

by LINMAOXIAO 30 Dec 2021

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you’ve probably noticed how gas prices are burning a hole in your wallet. Is there any greater waste of time than standing at a pump filling your tank with overpriced fuel? We think not! Or perhaps circling the block three times trying to find a parking spot to pick up those fresh oysters you’ve been craving for date night? Face it, motor vehicles aren’t well suited to modern urban life. They’re costly, cumbersome, and bad for the environment.


If only there was an alternative that was affordable, convenient, and emissions free?


Oh wait, there is! The future of urban transportation is almost here. The R1 is an electric bike made for the fast-paced urban resident with an upbeat modern lifestyle. If you’re sick of cueing in lines at gas stations and bus depots just to get some banking done on your day off, then the R1 is for you. If you need a convenient way to get to and from the office that sees you avoiding parking garages and traffic congestion, then the R1 is for you. If you just don’t want to be bothered getting on a bus or in your car to hit up the supermarket for some eggs, then the R1 is for you!


Electric bikes are the future of urban transportation, and we know you want to be ahead of the curve! Let’s look at some of the features that make the R1 stand out and make it a must buy product for this upcoming holiday season!


Pedal to the Metal with an Urban Electric Bike

The R1 features a torque sensor with intuitive pedal assistance with no accelerator to control the motor. What this means is that the torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedaling to adjust how much electric power it needs to power the bike. This gives the rider control over how much power they use in their commutes, giving them flexibility to conserve energy for longer rides, or exert energy for particularly grueling stretches or tough terrain. The harder you pedal, the more power it’ll give to the motor.


Put in the work for a faster commute or have a gingerly ride to wherever you’re headed. Either way, you’ll have a smooth ride with a bit of exercise to boot! It’s up to you what you put in.


Power up with New Electric Bike Technology!

One of the most annoying aspects of older electric bikes was the cumbersome batteries that were heavy and annoying to transport. The R1 takes these shackles and casts them aside! It features a 36-volt, 250-watt internal seat-post battery that is light-weight, convenient, and easy to access. It charges super-fast and can go up to 37 miles on a single charge. This is more than enough for your urban needs. In fact, with this kind of milage riders won’t have to charge the battery after every use. But even if you do, just pop open the seat-post casing, slide out the battery, and charge it at any outlet in your home – easy-peasy! It’s that simple, and you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you don’t have to waste 10 minutes every morning looking for those pesky car keys or subway card!


Forward-thinking Electric Bike Design!

Coming in at only 44lbs, the R1 is a light-weight marvel that is easy to operate. It has an ergonomic design with wide handlebars for a comfortable ride. In fact, the design of the bike was meant to depict a flamingo, personifying elegance and grace! It’ll have you buzzing around the city in no time, checking off errands like they’re out of style. With a little effort, the R1 can easily get up to 15mph, and with some real muscle a diligent rider can get it going twice that speed. It also boasts a dual disk break design and an LCD display, combining safety with cutting edge design.


It comes in three unique colors (graphite grey, mint green, and charcoal black) and if you pre-order now you can secure yours for as low as $799!


These features are fantastic and make the R1 an attractive urban option. But perhaps what’s most exciting about the future of the R1 and electric bikes in general is the future 30% tax credit for e-bikes that is set to be proposed in 2022 in the House of Representatives as the E-BIKE act. This is going to be a huge boon for the industry and consumers alike. If all these features weren’t enough for you already, just think about the tax credit you’ll receive as you zip around the city on this light-weight marvel grabbing a bite to eat or meeting up with some friends on a sunny day off.


There’s truly no better way to navigate the busy streets of any urban center!


But wait…

The R1 is an exciting new product that will be hitting urban streets soon. However, if you can’t wait and want to discover more, you can check out DYU – a progressive and environmentally conscious company that is focused on reinventing urban transportation. It is part of a diverse set of companies that is determined to create a better and greener planet by focusing on developing new and innovative mini-bikes and intelligent vehicle products.


Companies like DYU are leading the industry in reimagining what urban transportation can be. This includes researching and marketing intelligent electric vehicles with the express purpose of creating a short-distance travel ecosystem in cities across the globe! You can be a part of this project by purchasing an R1 now.


You can be part of the global solution to environmental change while improving your quality of life. Is there a better way to join this movement?


We don’t think so!

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