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8 Important Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

durch LINMAOXIAO 21 Dec 2021

Is riding an electric bike as beneficial as a regular bike? Cycling is a low-impact workout that improves your fitness while also strengthening your immune system. On the other hand, swinging a leg over Electric two-wheelers improves your health and emotional well-being & makes you less sweaty.

  At the same time, it increases breathing and heart rates sufficiently to help with fitness. At least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week and riding an e-bike for a daily commute would allow you to meet the goal quickly. Let’s behold our top 8 essential health benefits of electric bikes as we shed some light on this.  

8 Important Health Benefits of Electric Bikes


 According to a report released in 2019, Deloitte predicts that between 2020 and 2023, approximately 130 million ebikes will be sold globally. As a result, the next decade will be a revolution of battery-powered bikes as people become more aware of the health benefits. Let's have a look at the health advantages of electric bikes-

Help You Out from Arthritis and Discomfort

Riding Electric Bikes for Arthritis patients is a form of exercise. Although riding an ebike with bad knees is sometimes impossible, doing so regularly will eventually minimize your knee pain.

 You will benefit from a pedal-assisted mode ebike as you can control the pedaling intensity according to your physical state. You will get the finest results from an ebike if you can balance power and suspension while riding it. It’s a powerful exercise which is gentle on the joints and does not put you in danger of overuse injuries or sprains.

 Considering every factor, this exercise is simple and does not place lots of strain on your knees. To achieve the best effects, maintain a high pedaling rate. You can easily ride an ebike with knee pain or arthritis if you carefully examine these things.

Strengthen Your Heart Health


Several studies show a connection between bicycling and heart health. The University of Glasgow in 2017 discovered vital research after a five-year survey studying 264,337 persons. This research links active commuting and a lower risk of early death.

 According to the Cycling Weekly article, Dr. Jason Gill, professor of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, gives a statement. "Cycling to work was linked to a significantly lower risk of negative health outcomes." The people who cycled every day without using any other transport had a 40% decreased risk of death, heart disease, and cancer.

 Exercise can reduce at least 8,400 kilojoules / approx 2,000 calories every week, according to research. Cycling at a moderate speed burns roughly 1,200 kilojoules / 300 calories every hour. According to British studies, a daily half an hour bike ride burns almost five kg of fat over the course of a year.

 Regular riding (30 miles per week) in an electric bike can improve heart health. According to UPMC Pinnacle, people who biked on a regular basis had about 15% fewer heart attacks than non-cyclists. Even a small quantity of time bicycle riding was linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

Improve Cardiovascular System

How efficiently your body can receive and use oxygen while releasing carbon dioxide is referred to as cardiovascular health. Stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attacks are included in cardiovascular diseases. Regular moderate exercise together with riding an electric bike a few times each week can enhance your cardiorespiratory performance.

 A Danish study performed over 14 years with 30,000 people in the age group of 20 to 93 years. In this study, they found that regular cycling can strengthen your heart muscles, lower resting pulse, along with reducing blood fat. One of the most striking studies of the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine was published in May 2018. This evaluated 32 overweight people’s peak oxygen consumption before and after four weeks of bicycle commuting.

 "Cycling is the finest cardio activity for people of all age groups as well as all body types," says Dr. Amar Singal, a cardiologist. It not only aids in calorie burning and weight management but also aids in the development of muscle and bone strength.

Boost Immune System


 A research collection of the National Institutes of Health said immunity improves when one's health improves. If you focus on a healthy body, this can always contribute to creating a stronger immune system.

 Surprisingly, cycling appears to have anti-aging effects on the immune system as well. According to a study found in ‘The Guardian,’ cycling can delay the symptoms of aging and restore the immune system. Do you want to get rid of a week-long flu bug into a three-day cold? Riding an electric bike can make a difference.

 Multiple studies have found that those who commute by bicycle are happier and less prone to depression than those who commute by any other transport.  Maintaining excellent cardiovascular and brain health is vital for people of any age. But when it comes to the immune system, it increases the overall relevance of exercise for people aged 55 and up.

Lower  Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that more than 34 million adults (about 1 in 10) in the United States have diabetes (CDC). And 90-95 percent of them have type 2 diabetes. People who cycled for over 30 minutes every day, can lower the risk of diabetes by 40%, following The Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study.  

 According to a study of the EVELO, researchers from the University of Bristol in the UK studied the effects of riding an electric bike on type 2 diabetes patients. For 20 weeks, all the 18 participants use their electric bikes 13 miles per week. The participants' predicted maximal aerobic power increased by 10.9 percent throughout the trial.

 When riding an electric bike, individuals reached 74.7 percent of their maximal heart rate, compared to 64.3 percent when walking. Riding an electric bike isn't as strenuous as riding a regular bike or running large distances. And, as this study showed, riding an electric bike could be enough to help minimize the risks of type-2 diabetes.

Increased Metabolism for Weight Loss 

As regular cycling, riding an eBike can contribute to weight loss as well as associated improvement in your general health. The advantages of cycling exercise for stomach reduction are numerous. Cycling aids in the fight against obesity by raising the body’s metabolic rate.

 Even the body fat turns to burn quickly when your metabolism works. According to some estimates, riding an electric bike for an hour can help you burn 400 calories. So it's evident that riding your e-bike is a great way to lose weight.

 Cycling is a splendid way to burn calories while increasing your basal metabolic rate. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), a cyclist riding at a steady 16 to 19 mph can burn up to 850 calories per hour.

Improves Well-Being and Reduce Stress

Pedal-assisted electric bikes made commuting faster and more enjoyable. The Effect of Cycling on Cognitive Function and Well-Being in Older Adults demonstrates that outdoor exercise does not have to be challenging. A 60-year-old woman does not need to engage in high-impact running to enhance her brain health.

 In fact, riding an electric bike regularly will boost your brain function. Cycling in the natural or urban surroundings, even on an electrically assisted ebike, can improve older adults’ cognitive function said, Dr. Louise-Ann Leyland.

Improves Quality of Sleep 

To boost up daily and recover, sleep is the only vital thing. Riding an electric bike regularly can contribute to better sleep along with helping to fight against insomnia. Adults who exercised less reported sleep problems more, according to a University of Georgia study.

 Regular exercise was found to help people fall asleep faster than inactive ones in long-term research. People who exercised regularly were also less likely than many who did not awaken up in the middle of the night.

 Wrapping Up

Now you know how beneficial an electric bike is to your health. Electric bikes have a more extended range and are easier to use. In addition to giving various health benefits, the Ebike allows users to travel without sweating, pull bigger loads, and take longer journeys.

 They also make riding more accessible to older cyclists and people with disabilities. These benefits were corroborated by a 2018 study conducted by the National Institute for Transportation and Communities. In that research, they polled 1,800 e-bike riders and found that battery-powered biking enabled them to take longer and more diversified trips. And this is beneficial for their health.

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