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Best 5 reasons to have an e-bike

durch Jesse J. 11 Jul 2022

Some might say that you can’t put a price on a glorious weekend spent cruising around town, wind in your hair, sun shining down and endless hours to explore—all without having to exert too much effort while pedaling. We’d have to agree with those folks. But doing all of that requires obtaining an electric bike. So, is an e-bike worth it and why should you ride you an e-bike? Following are the best 5 reasons to have an e-bike.

Here at DYU Bikes, we think the benefits of our two wheels equipped with a battery inside and a motor are definitely worth it. In fact, they might offer even more advantages to you than a traditional bike ever could. If you have the desire to go faster, further and do it all in style, then DYU Bikes were designed for your kind of adventures.

Let’s get into a few of the reasons that prove why e-bikes are worth it. And why they’re worth incorporating into your daily life, providing you with health benefits, some nice financial savings and more.

1. E-Bikes Get Some Serious Speed

Whether you have an absolute need for speed or are just looking for a way to get from point A to B efficiently, electric bikes are really efficient. The DYU new upcoming electric bike V8 has max speeds of 20 MPH while the normal edition tops out at 15 MPH. And you don’t have to work up a sweat reaching those top rates.

2. 100% Exertion Not Required

Living life at 100% is great and all, but sometimes you have a tough day at the office and don’t want to get out of breath while pedaling back home. That’s where pedal-assist (AKA the way DYU Bikes are powered) comes into play; you simply have to keep the pedals turning and the motor gets to work picking up the slack, bringing the bike up to top speeds with minimal effort from you. Pedal assist will make climbing hills a breeze and will turn even the most arduous ride into a rather enjoyable experience. This is especially true if you have any sort of chronic injuries or any other issue that might make it difficult to ride a traditional bike.

But You Can Still Use Your E-Bike for Exercise

Riders, you don’t have to turn on pedal assist all the time. In fact, you can certainly use your DYU just like you would any other two-wheeler, sans motorized assistance. So, if you’re in need of getting that blood pumping or would just prefer using your own power to ride, go right ahead. Biking is a great form of exercise for riders of all ages, since it happens to be low impact and can be easily tailored to whatever your skill level is.

3. Go Ahead and Ride Further

Both of DYU’s e-bike models boast the ability to travel 60 miles on just one charge. Just imagine how far that will take you, whether it’s to the beach and back, up and down the hardest trail in the national park or simply across town without worrying about finding an outlet to charge up. Pair that long distance ride with pedal assist and whatever destination you decide on will be totally do-able—and not totally exhausting. Yup, even in the middle of summer (just don’t forget a bottle of water!).


4. Zero-Emission and Eco-Friendly

Despite the addition of a motor, an e-bike happens to be a very green form of transportation. It doesn’t require the use of fossil fuels, it’s totally zero-emission and it leaves behind a much lighter footprint on our roadways than a car does. Whether you consider yourself to be an eco-conscious consumer or are simply interested in making a few impactful changes in your life that are better for our planet, choosing a bike over your car is a smart investment.

5. A Low-Cost Form of Transportation

Unlike a car, you’ll never have to worry about rising gas prices when it comes to powering your DYU e-bike. Since our bikes arrive on your doorstep with a long-lasting battery that can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge, the biggest investment you’ll make in your e-bike will be its purchase. And unlike public transport, you won’t have to pay every time you ride. So, a DYU is a really smart way to save while carrying on with your daily commute or running weekend errands. More money for your latte habit or your weekly fresh bouquet? That sounds like a win. Plus, since most bike parking is totally free, you’ll save even more on parking fees (and hopefully parking tickets, too)—just be sure to lock up with a bike lock you trust!


There’s a Bike Designed For You
Not all e-bikes are built the same. In fact, there are a number of different types of e-bikes that you can consider, based on your skill level, the terrain you prefer and even how often you like to ride. That includes mountain and road electric bikes, plus hybrids, cruisers, and cargo e-bikes. You can even find a foldable e-bike, if you so desire. Here at DYU we offer a the best compact and foldable bike, the DYU Smart Bike, which is suitable for most city terrain and offers a quick but smooth ride. And we have a premium torque sensor ebike, the DYU R1 Edition, which is perfect for the casual biker—though this e-bike is still fashionable enough just like DYU D3F. Both of our bikes are obsessively designed with top fashion-inspired details and luxe finishes, for a ride that’s both comfortable and undeniably stylish. What’s more, they’re lightweight and even portable for city travel.

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