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Dazz reviews the DYU D3F 14 Inch Electric Mini Folding eBike

durch Jesse J. 24 May 2022

Learn more about DYU D3F electric bike

Since 2016 dyu's has sold over 5000 smart e-bikes to the world, this bike's way easier to go faster, and the features i'll be letting you guys know one feature would be uh fast folding easy folding it's very portable so you guys can take it around with you guys on campus or around the beach or wherever you guys need to it's easy to put in the trunk it weighs about 39 pounds perfect to go everybody is trying to build a secure electric bike the key to success is to do everything possible the dual disc brakes fully improve the braking performance making braking distance shorter and driving safer the driving condition is clear on the ultra clearing and redisplaying lcd the power is smooth and natural making uh making you enjoy the comfort of riding and technology every time you ride

Anyone looking for some fresh and different dyu is a stronger contender whether it is inner city or blasting down the street with your friends the bike is up for the challenge, so go ahead and go race your friends down the street and be safe about it and i got the manual we're going to be testing this baby out real quick and seeing how it drives here's the bite so all i got to do is lift it up and take it out of the box came with the seat

So now i have to unwrap everything and put it all together. so let's do that this right here for now the e-leg has an on and off switch on the left handle bar to turn on and off the e-bar e-bike the dash on the board would light up and you push the switch to turn it on and turn off charging the uh connect the charger to the power plug and then the e-bike when the charger indicator turns green to red it shows its full power

It's like the easier to go faster, you take this little part right and then you bend this part back and if you need to pick it up look at this and also just to see your hair with this little handle push it down there you go take it with you.

My opinion on the dyu bike i really like it it's really small um i like how you get on it at first it's just a little squirrely when you get on it because how much power
gives you but for guys with big hands i feel like you guys just have a fun time with it you

Learn more about DYU D3F electric bike

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