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DYU D20 First Impression

durch Jesse J. 25 Jun 2022

Take a look at DYU D20 Electric Bike

Hello again. After several tests with the D20, it's time to tell you my impressions! Throughout this route I have made, the speed is on ECO mode. I didn't have to put it higher, not even in the middle, because it has power and responds very well.

See here now at the uphill and the state of the ground (sandy, pebbles), with pedal help has no problem!

I am very pleased, although I was sure that from the moment that has 20" wheels, believe me that the behavior is completely different!

I have tried several electric bicycles with 12" and with 14" and 16" and 20" and definitely with 26" The smaller, ie 12" and 14" it is not the best (in stability).

And of course it depends on the use that everyone wants it! Because the smaller the wheels, the smaller, the more convenient and the more portable.

As the wheels grow older, it is understood that the size is definitely increasing.

So someone judges what he wants and decides what to buy! It was tested on asphalt and dirt road, but also uphill. Very stable and robust due to all 20" wheels.

With a little help from the pedals, there is absolutely no issue!

Amazing autonomy 48 km with a minimal pedal assist! Very good battery management due to all 3 electric speeds.

Strong brakes and very strong front projector. Excellent protection from water, because of its wings.

Very in driving, the 20" wheels help it a lot.

You see on sandy soil, with only throttle!

The ground as you can see is sand with fine gravel. His behavior was impeccable in all areas and I highly recommend it!
Thank you very much for watching this video and see you it in the next one!

Take a look at DYU D20 Electric Bike

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