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DYU Will Launch DYU King 750 Fat Tire Electric Bike with a 750W Powerful Motor

durch Jesse J. 20 Oct 2022

DYU which is well-known for its D series electric bike with compact and stylish designs, will be launching a new power assist bike named DYU King 750. Different from previous DYU models, DYU King 750 features a high-performance riding experience with the elevated product hardware.

Firstly, DYU King 750 comes with a spoke wheel 48V/750W high-power motor. With the high-speed motor, high torque and high-efficiency design, the electric bike is able to realize a maximum 28 mile/h high speed. Compared to the speed of the DYU D series, the King 750 speed is increased by nearly 100%.  Faster speed and powerful motor also make it an eligible mountain bike for various terrains and needs, carrying you to the next destination in a much quicker and more efficient way. Compared with the most popular ebikes on market nowadays, the speed ranks in the top class without a doubt. Together with the 26*4.0 fat tire for more ground friction, King 750 is not only fast but also safer.

Second, DYU King 750 is designed with a removable 48V20AH,13S4P、21700/LG/5000mah high-capacity battery.  Charging the electric bike battery regularly can be irritating for someone with a busy schedule. Ebikes take 3-7 hours to charge 100%, so you need to keep at least 4 hours at hand. While the King 750 electric bike battery is removable, you can swipe it with a fully charged one. Or, you can take it out and charge it in the bedroom, giving you more freedom. The pure electricity-powered model lasts about 80km per charge, and the manual-assisted model reaches an amazing 100km long distance.

Last but not least, DYU King 750 is safe and ergonomic.  Left and right double power-off brake levers stop motor output promptly, and the front and rear double hydraulic premium disc brakes are sensitive, stable, and bring more safety for riding.  Fitness mode, pure electric mode, and power-assisted riding mode with the support of an advanced Shimano 7-speed transmission system make your riding customizable and in full control under your own preferences. No matter you like doing more fitness yourself or like letting electricity do the job, going uphill or sliding downhill, all the needs can be fulfilled perfectly with the least effort by both the rider and the motor.

DYU CEO and founder, Leven Lee, has this to say, “Here at DYU, we are passionate about bringing green technologies to life. Besides the DYU D3F ebikes, launching the high-performance electric mountain bike DYU King 750 is one of our biggest endeavor to date. We are very excited to introduce our e-bike and we believe the DYU King 750 is more than just a bike; it’s a change in lifestyle that will save you time, save you money and help save our planet.”

Learn more about DYU King 750: https://bit.ly/3Uwre14

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