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Your Spooky Guide to a DYU Halloween

durch DYU cycle 08 Oct 2022

Have you ever wondered why you've never seen a broom riding an electric bikes?

Apparently, it's because they don't have the feet.

Okay, we admit it's not the most humorous joke, but at least it got us talking about Halloween.

Halloween is a time when everyone can embrace all things fun, creative and a little offbeat. If you ask us, that's DYU Bikes in a nutshell.

So if you're a DYU rider who feels the same way, check out these tips for using an electric bike to get the most out of your spooky season.

1. Your Can Dress Up Your Bike

Has your trick-or-treating buddy dumped you? Well, when you get the chance to take your bike with you, you will never have to hit the streets alone.

Just like you can accessorise your bike with a plethora of accessories.

Remember, however you decorate your bike, make sure you can handle it safely and keep it visible after the sun goes down.

However, if Greek mythology isn't your style, you can always lean towards the punny side of Halloween. For example, Senior Marketing Manager Mary Fenton has provided us with the world's first pumpkin-scented electric bicycle.

2. More Speed, More Treats


DYU R1 Bike

First things first: if you're taking the kids out for a play date or a treat this year, observing social distance is a smart move. Fortunately, it looks like some of the best and brightest have stepped up to the plate to offer some elegant solutions to this problem.

Now, if you're a parent, chances are that statistically, you'll be stealing some of your child's sweets. Don't worry. ...... It's normal. 79% of parents admit to doing it, so you're in good company.

Since you're stealing from the top, you probably have an investment in how many homes your child can go to each year. Naturally, you'll need a more efficient way to collect all those fun-sized bars. We did a little research and found that the average walking speed for kids is about 3 miles per hour. We generously assumed that when they ate the sugar they were going twice as fast and upped it to 6 mph.

If this is the case, it means that when you use an electric bike you can technically get up to the house at about 233% faster.

Our impressive payload capacity can also help you haul all that extra candy without any problems. A normal pillowcase can hold up to 1,690 pieces of candy.  Let's say you weigh about 180 lbs, your child weighs 50 lbs and a snack-sized candy bar weighs 17 grams. With the DYU R1 Bike, you will be able to carry home up to 3201 candy bombs.

Of course, if you prefer gimmicks to treats, we should probably mention that our bike is also technically capable of carrying 699 rolls of toilet paper ......

3. See the sights and experience the thrills!

How far are you from a ghost at this moment? You may be closer than you think! There are haunted hotspots all over the country, and chances are you are within riding distance of something seriously scary. A few of these places will even give you a chance to be in the great outdoors.

Plus, it's a chance to squeeze in a little exercise.  For every hour you ride your e-bike (vigorous riding and minimal level of pedal assist) you can burn about 440 calories. That adds up to about 5.5 bar-sized chocolates.

But even if such Halloween antics aren't your scene, an electric bike is still a great way to enjoy an early October evening and check out the decorations in your neighbourhood. It may not be as spooky, but it's definitely DYU.

Stay safe, ride, and have a happy Halloween!

Why do spiders love DYU Bikes, because you can order them online! See our Halloween Sale Ebike collection.

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