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durch DYU cycle 13 Jan 2022


Are you a fan of the great outdoors? Do you appreciate riding and the feel of the wind on your face? What better way to be outside and appreciate the wonders of the planet than on an electric bike, and what better bike to ride than the DYU Electric Bikes? There is nothing more peaceful than riding about town on a bike like this. Let's have a look at the features of the DYU electric bikes.

  • DYU D3F vs DYU D3 Plus Folding Electric Bikes

The DYU’s Smart Electric Bike, D3F is a new model from the DYU company that has a larger body size but is lighter in weight due to the use of a fined-metal electric bike frame. With a stylish look, a powerful 250w motor, and an outstanding 80Km mileage, the DYU D3F is the perfect combination of beauty and strength. It is the most advanced model in the DYU electric bike line, based on the D3 Plus smart bike. It's the most advanced model in the DYU D3 Plus electric bike line, which is based on the DYU smart bike D1 and D2.


  • Design

DYU D3F and DYU D3 Plus both electric bicycles are more in line with the design trend, riding on these electric bicycles to work will draw a lot of attention. Electric cars and bicycles are very common, but electric bicycles, such as DYU D3F and DYU D3 Plus of various modes are rare to find and their weight is much lesser than that of a traditional bicycle, so they are convenient to lift. The safety and durability of the DYU D3F and DYU D3 Plus are basically guaranteed. The DYU electric bicycles come with new tires in their selection. These tires are used daily. It works well as a shock absorber.

  • Features

Both e-bikes, the DYU D3F and DYU D3 Plus have a built-in 10Ah lithium-ion battery with a maximum mileage of 45 kilometers in pure electric mode and 70 kilometers in electric assistance mode, so you don't have to worry about the destination's weakness. With a powerful 250W motor and a high speed of 20km/h and a slope of up to 30 degrees, the uneven ground will not deter you from continuing your journey. Even for folks who haven't been riding for a while, the DYU D3F and DYU D3 Plus, electric bicycles are appealing and approachable.


The ease and flexibility of riding a bicycle on the road only add to this impression. This makes it more than simply a commuter bike; it's also something you'll want to ride on weekends.

Both the DYU D3F and DYU D3 Plus e-bikes offer three modes: bicycle, electric car, and hybrid. The three modes provide a superb riding experience. On the control panel, there are three-speed settings that can be changed at any time. There are three gears: low, medium, and high. Overall, the DYU D3F versus DYU D3 Plus Folding Electric Bikes appear to be excellent. They are both budget-friendly Folding Electric Bikes.


  • DYU S2 Folding Electric Bike

The DYU S2 is no exception to DYU's tradition of being a creative brand in the realm of electric mobility, offering compact but highly technical e-bikes. It is a small electric bike, incredibly compact, 90CM HIGH, and WEIGHT OF ONLY 15KG, similar to a good quality electric scooter, allowing you to take it comfortably on public transportation and maybe put it into the car without issue.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of ELECTRIC BIKES have appeared in our cities in recent months. "Green" indicates easy to maneuver, but they are not the safest or most stable due to their nature. Many people like the good old BICYCLES, but what should you choose to keep the same handling as e-bikes? The DYU S2 folding electric bike could be just what you're looking for!

The 10 INCH WHEELS are maneuverable in the city and cushioned directly from the seat, which is height-adjustable, and the CARBON FRAME. The 350W MOTOR drives this bike up to the legal limit of 25KM/h, while the AUTONOMY, using the 10AH BATTERY, settles on 40KM, clearly demonstrating the pedal-assisted mode. A DOUBLE DISK BRAKE, LED FRONT/REAR LIGHT, mudguards, and a handy REMOTE CONTROL to activate and deactivate the bike's motor when we move away ensure our safety.

  • Features
  1. Simplified, elegant, and beautiful design
  2. Mini & Portable Size, Lightweight (15kg)
  3. Hollow seat cushion, breathable and comfortable
  4. Standard: Lithium Battery
  5. Integrated motor wheel, vacuum stiffened tire
  6. Bright led front light and smart brake flash rear light
  7. Standard: Rear Disc Brakes
  8. Top speed 25KM / H Battery display
  9. Adjustable seat, meets different riders heights
  10. One folding step, can be put in the car trunk
  11. 350W Strong power motor
  12. The king of cost performance
  • DYU D2F 12 Inch Electric Mini Bike |Folding Electric Bikes

The second generation of the DYU Smart Folding Electric Bike is here! If you're looking to switch up your commute to work and want to test out an e-bike, the DYU D2F foldable e-bike might be right for you. This electric bicycle can suit your various riding needs thanks to its manual, electric, and electric moped power modes. Its design is identical to that of its predecessor, but with various tweaks.

Its lightweight enables it to be carried with just one hand, thanks to its 12-inch Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame. If you look closely at the D2F, you'll notice that the center pedals have been replaced. In the braking section, you'll also find something unique. With the three different riding modes, it can change its pace on its own.

The factory setting is 20 km/h, however, users can change it to 30 km/h via the APP. Furthermore, you can effortlessly lock and unlock your e-bike using the APP. You can also look at the statistics, as the APP will automatically record your cycling tracks. Furthermore, you won't have to be concerned about your e-bike's health because the D2F can self-protect and send problems.

  • Features
  • Three riding modes: manual power, electric power, and electric moped power, to fulfill your various needs.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame, lightweight body, and folding design.
  • Anti-theft protection and smart app password locking (by scanning the QR code in the user handbook).
  • Bright induction front light (app switch auto / manual mode) and back braking light, which improve cycling safety at night.
  • Double disc brakes in front and rear wheels, Cruise Control, and easy riding.
  • 6 Ah Lithium-ion battery capacity and a powerful 250W motor.
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