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Electric Bikes for Kids: All that You Need to Know

durch LinLeen 08 Feb 2022

Electric bikes are all the rage these days. They make for a great gift for kids. The good thing about these bikes is that they continue to become better than before thanks to the technology used.

 E-bikes come in different types. From electric balance bikes to motocross, e-commuter bikes, and mountain bikes, all of these eBikes are amazing.

 Whether you want it for your toddler, teenager, or yourself as an adult, there is an e-bike for every age.

 Kids' e-bikes vary from one type to another. This means that you must know what to look for when purchasing the right one for your child or yourself.

 This article covers all the information you need to know to find the best electric bike per your requirements. In addition to this information, we have also shared a detailed review of one of the best e-bikes from DYU. Let's get started!

 Why Choose E-Bikes for Kids?

 e-biking is a lot of fun for children. Not only does it make for good exercise, but it also enhances their bicycling skills. E-biking also helps one stay in shape, healthy, and decrease stress. This makes it a win-win activity for the entire family as health and fun are combined!

 It is always challenging to engage young kids in any physical activity, especially in the age of the internet and smart gadgets. Since an electric bike is available for every age group, kids of all ages can enjoy it.

 This makes it a great way to get away from a computer or smart gadgets out in the fresh air. Riding a bike also gives an adventurous feeling which means your kids will enjoy it without feeling it as an exercise!

 In short, an electric bike would make the kids physically active, increasing their muscle strength and stamina while keeping the weight in check. Lastly, it would reduce tension and stress and make a child more relaxed and happy.

 If you are looking to get rid of the balance bike, now is the time to do it. Replace it with an electric bike.

 What is the Price of Kids E-Bikes?

 No doubt, e-bikes are fun and make for a healthy physical activity for kids? But they don't come cheap. Its cost starts from $300 to $10,000, depending on its quality and features.

  E-bikes available for kids aged 6 and above are priced lower than those available for kids below 6. For kids under 6, the price ranges from $1000 to $3000.

 The price also depends on the brand, parts quality, and the features available in every bike model.

 Should I Purchase the Cheapest E-Bike?

 Well, not necessarily. The more the price you pay for getting an electric bike, the better it is for you and your child. However, the only thing that makes a difference when buying it for a child is that they outgrow it in a few years. This is why it's only a waste of money to opt for expensive electric bike options. In this case, it's wise to buy a cheaper model and brand for your toddler since it would only serve them for a year or so.

 You can also consider buying a second-hand electric bike of good quality and condition if you want something within your limited budget.

 Some questions to ask when purchasing an electric bike can include: 

  • How fast is the bike?
  • How far can your kids drive it?
  • What does the maintenance cost?
  • Would you buy accessories at an extra price?

 A good tip for parents is to choose an electric bike with a limited speed. This way, you wouldn't worry about your child getting injured while riding it at high speed. Check for the max speed that the bike can attain.

 Most of the e-bikes designed for kids come equipped with a lower-powered motor which is 250W, contrary to the 750W-1000W motors. A 750W motor is fast for a child, even if it's 20mph to 28mph!

 The next important point is to consider the distance you want your child to cover. In short, how far can the e-bike's battery go in one charge? If your 8 years old would only ride it for 8 miles with you, you can go for a battery that can cover 45 miles on a single charge. You would need a stronger battery for more distance, and it can also cost more.

 How often will your Child Ride?

 How frequently would your kid ride the bike? If they only have to ride it occasionally on weekends, purchasing a cheaper bike with less expensive parts is a good idea. But if your child is riding it daily, then a cheaper bike would require a lot of maintenance, which would add to your overall cost. In this case, opting for an expensive option is a wiser choice to make than a cheaper option.

 What are the Maintenance Costs?

 Every e-bike eventually requires maintenance, whether you buy a cheaper model or an expensive one. This makes it important to know about the cost associated with bike maintenance as it adds to your total cost.

 On average, an electric bike requires maintenance every 500 miles or so; however, the threshold is less for a cheaper model. Cost ranges from $75 to $150. Depending on how far you ride it in 6 months, you need to maintain it every 4 to 6 months or maybe once a year.

 Adjustment to the brakes would cost $20 to $40, whereas a new tire would cost around $30.

 What about the Price of Accessories?

 Last but not the least, the cheap e-bike won't have a lot of accessories. You may want to add a water bottle holder, a rearview mirror, warning bell, upgraded bike seat, etc.

 You can come up with a list of add ons before you initiate the purchase to have a cost in your mind. An expensive bike may already have these features, so you won't have to accessorize it.

  Quick Tips for Buying a Kids bike

 Now let's come to the part of buying a kids e-bike. Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

 Check Your Area Rules and Regulations

 Check the local laws and rules. Most areas don't allow children to ride e-bikes with throttles and e-bikes with a speed range of 28 mph with or without a throttle.

 Bike with a Torque Sensor

 Opt for a bike with a torque sensor. This allows the rider to control bike speed with the pedals. Without the torque, your child won't slow down the bike speed. This can become quite dangerous for them in some situations when the electric bike gets out of control.

 Don't buy the e-bike with a throttle

 Throttle is a big no. That's because it makes it possible for children to attain high bike speed quickly without pedaling. This is why it must be avoided. You can even turn off or remove the throttles after purchasing the e-bike.

 Weight is important

 Check out the weight of the e-bike. It is also a critical aspect when it comes to purchasing e-bikes. Most e-bikes can weigh around 60 lb. This is a lot of weight to handle, even for an adult, making it unsuitable for a child.

 e-bikes & electric balance bikes

 Small electric balance bikes without pedals are not covered under the bike laws. This is why they should only be used with caution.

 The Best eBike for Your Child: DUY S2 Electric Bike

 DUY S2 Electric Bike offers the best performance and comes equipped with all the basic features you would want in an electric bike. This makes it the perfect bike for your child's daily use. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced rider, this is the bike to get as it ensures top performance at the best value.

 How to Ride?

 It has 3 riding modes to choose from. You can enjoy a tireless ride in electronic mode for speed up to 25 km. This distance can be increased to 45 km with pedal assist mode. You can also turn off the electric mode and use it like a regular bike.

 High-Speed Motor

 S2 has a powerful motor of around 250W. This ensures high speed and efficiency. The motor is brushless and can take you on any road, whether uphill or downhill.

 Tougher and Thicker tires: The tires are 10" to offer a comfortable ride without any vibration when riding. The S2 thick tires are durable and have long wearability on bumpy roads.

 Adjustable Seat: The seat is adjustable and can fit according to the height of most kids and even adults. That's why S2 is an enjoyable bike for all.

 Night-time LED front light: There is a nighttime LED front light that you can use on dark roads to ride with confidence and ease. It ensures safety at all times, whether day or night.

 Reliable Safety: Lastly, S2 has a rear flashing brake light which you can use at any time to ride safely. It is also noticeable by the other users on the road. Moreover, an anti-theft alarm and a wireless remote keep the bike safe and secure from stealing.


 S2 Electric Bike by DUY has all the necessary e-bike features to make for a fun and comfortable ride. Check out the rules in your area before buying this bike, and don't look for anything other than S2 by DUY for electric biking! Your child would love it!

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