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DYU R1 Electric Folding Bike with Economical Torque Sensor

durch Jesse J. 21 Apr 2022

DYU R1 Electric Folding Bike // Economical Torque Sensor!

Today i will be testing the dyu electric bike. this model reminds me of the VW Buzz , it has this summer cool color vibe design.

It's priced at 1059 US dollars but it has really cool features. At this price level that you won't find in any other models at this mark, they're quite appealing and interesting.

This model is minimalistic, light weighs at only 20 kilograms or 45.5 pounds can withstand a load of 150 kilograms or 330 pound rider.

Let's go first over the specs and after we'll take a closer look at the frame design and features, the R1 comes with 36 volt system and a 5 Ah hour battery, 250watt motor very compact and this model is designed to be light sleek and offered a relaxed comfortable type commute.

The R1 comes equipped with a torque sensor which you won't find in any other ebike to this price range and this system is set up differently, you don't feel the kick when you start pedaling, but a very smooth power transition.

Gradually well balanced to make the pedaling soft and pleasant this is not a performance bike but more of a sleek light urban commuter that is designed to do well in a city travel.

The frame is not as wide or looks like your typical bike it's more tubular shape well balanced, does not look or feel big or stretched and has the shape and edges around it that feels light and unique.

And i'll show you how smart and sensitive the sensor is. So I have the brakes, I apply pressure nothing happens, as soon as i release the brakes and there's a slight pressure applied the bike is moving. really really cool.

You can only fold the front stem, remove the seat that houses the 5 Ah battery. i would call it a semi folding bike since the tail is solid not a full folder but the extra light design will allow you to store it easily under your desk, take it on the bus or train.

There's an interesting seat lock that allows you to secure the battery on the bike while you lock it outside so you don't have to worry about someone taking your seat. it has this finish that is not scratchable with length markings.

This minimalistic design will allow you to cover between 12 to 15 miles in range, not a lot but enough to get around the city to run your errands for a day or get from home to office and back.

This compact 250 watt motor and this cool smooth torque sensor will allow you to pedal comfortably up to 25 kilometers an hour or 15 miles an hour top speed.

You might get a little faster top speed if you pedal more intensely but that will not be long lasting.

I like the dual mechanical disc brake covers design on this model not a Shimano brand but different from other bikes we tested and quite unique, and set up well out of the box

So here is the rear brake and you have this cover that slides out and you get to the brakes and you can replace them and i think it's a good feature keeps the dirt away. And when you're done you just push it back in, and this is how it works and another feature which i really like and i just learned about it right here in the back.

So you push this in and uh it locks the rear tire, you can only move it a little bit, back and forth, and you have a second set of keys that comes with the bike, insert this comes out and this is how you lock in your bike.

I think it's a pretty cool feature i haven't seen this on any other electric or regular bike.

The crank set mid size and well balanced with the rear single speed i like that this brand went the extra mile it's not the basic option you see on all other e-bikes, the model is set up to be easy to ride.

I really like the plastic fenders with the rear rack light, well integrated, don't make noise or vibrate and the rear rack with a bungee cord will be very good option to allow you to secure your backpack or briefcase.

The R1 has its front suspension not a top of the line option but handy to have for the city streets with around 1.5 to 2 inches of travel, a bit noisy on the rebound but does work well and makes this ride better, we have a compact front light that is bright enough for the city.

But the rear lights are super cool integrated in the back of the fork dropout, i really like this feature and really makes this bike pop, similar to the serial one model from Harley Davidson.

The handlebars are positioned at the right height, the grips are awesome, the compact screen will show you and allow you to choose between three levels of assist, the system offers distance travel pretty standard across all e-bikes.

Despite being told the seat post is long enough, the entire frame feels comfortable, the cables are running for the frame which i really like.

Straight bar frame design with the coloring options available, really makes this a fun summer ride e-bike. this is a urban bike model made to be battled on the bike lanes not racing cars or motorcycles in the city, it will offer good performance within the city speed limits.

If you're looking for a compact light slick ebike to get around your town, run errands then DYU R1 delivers. The R1 package comes fully assembled and with a very good build quality, has high low capacity well balanced presentation wise and performance, affordable with unique features and definitely eye-catching for this upcoming summer appeal that makes this model very pleasant and quite comfortable.

I hope this is something you like and looking for.

Learn more about DYU R1 electric bike

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